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CorInnova’s minimally invasive device is a collapsible thin-film  device that surrounds both ventricles of the heart. This novel  direct cardiac compression device has a second set of internal passive chambers to custom fit the heart and a collapsible self-deploying frame that makes possible minimally invasive delivery through a delivery tube inserted through the left rib cage. Air inflates the device in synchrony with the heart and increases cardiac output for HF patients by gently squeezing the heart with minimal air pressure. Moreover, the device corrects heart motion and so has the potential to promote cardiac restoration.  The  device prototypes are being manufactured within FDA and CE mandated medical design control systems.



Minimally invasive device delivery can be done using a simple deployment tube. 

The device conforms to the heart shape.  As the inner buffering adjustment component is filled and adjusted with saline, the device conforms to shape of the heart in end-diastolic configuration (end of relaxed, filling mode) to provide gentle, even pressure on the epicardial surface.

Intrinsic pneumatic attachment is possible instead of more invasive suturing to the heart.  When the chest is vacated of air after implantation, the device is intrinsically pneumatically attached to the heart via suction and does not need to be sutured.  Active chambers, following natural motion of heart from end-diastole (filling) to end systole (pumping) do not invert the curvature of heart and so do not eject the heart like prior devices.

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